West Seattle's Premier Music Venue

We book a variety of indie rock, pop, electronica, americana, folk, punk, hard rock, metal, experimental, jazz, triphop and more – usually three acts per show Thursday through Sunday. We also feature weekly karaoke, monthly bellydance, and occasional burlesque and drag events. You can rent our space for music video shoots, film shoots, or private events. 

Your Artwork, Our Walls

We like to switch the art in the upper room about every 6 weeks so we can get a number of local artists on the walls per year. Paintings, illustrations, photographs, prints and mixed media collages all work well. Your artwork must be ready-to-hang and not so delicate that six weeks in a restaurant is likely to cause damage.  Bigger art looks a lot better on our walls than smaller art, but quantity can make up for size!

         Gallery wall dimensions:

  • Big wall is 8.5’ x 13.5’
  • Wall between the windows is 7’ x 5’
  • Half wall is 3’ x 7’


 We do not take a percentage of your sales, we just direct interested customers to contact you directly for purchasing. In return it is expected that you will organize and promote an art opening event at some point during your six weeks. This event can be a simple meet-the-artist-during-happy-hour or a fully integrated show with performers and press, it's up to you. Group shows are fine if you don’t have enough work to fill the space. If you haven’t been to Skylark, you might want to stop by and check out the art space first. That will save a lot of time if you have questions about the size, ambience, and so on.