Glass Beaches, Kelsey Sprague, Bird Bones

Live Music

Glass Beaches, Kelsey Sprague, Bird Bones
November 14, 2019 7:00 PM
$8 / 21+
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---Glass Beaches---
Is a Seattle based, ragtag indie-rock band inspired by folk and blues stylings. Upright bass, keys, harmonies and horn sections are featured all over the place. Songs 'bout life and death, love and loss, finding and/or losing yourself are on the menu. Ever wondered if a band could be dreary AND dancy? The more bittersweet the better. Northwest hipsters rejoice.
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---Kelsey Sprague Music---
Seattle is a city famous for its rain. There's nothing like stepping outside to a foggy morning in the Northwest and being able to see your breath dissolve into the air. And nothing captures that feeling better than a good song. Kelsey Sprague, with only her voice and an acoustic guitar, manages to convey everything beautiful and simultaneously desperate about the constant mist, relieved by the occasional spike of sunshine.
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---Bird Bones---
Seattle based indie folk rock duo, playing songs about love and tragedy that feel like stomping bouquets of dried flowers through smoke and silk.