The Skylark Café & Club Presents

Camp Hero



Instrumental Rock



Founded in the summer of 2022, Seattle-based band Camp Hero creates immersive and emotive music that the cosmic sounds of space rock, post-rock, and instrumental rock to create a unique and captivating resonance. Their music explores themes of psychological identity, spirituality, and the unknown, echoing the mysteries of the place that inspired their name. Their 2023 EP "Gods" highlights Camp Hero's soaring guitar riffs, intricate drumming, and atmospheric bass textures that transport listeners to otherworldly realms. With a grounded emotional core, the band's music balances introspection and expansiveness, creating a sonic voyage through the cosmos. Comprised of guitarist Matt Ashman, bassist Aaron McCrae, and drummer Charlie McAvoy, Camp Hero draws inspiration from bands like Sunny Day Real Estate, Hum, Russian Circles, Mastodon, and Smashing Pumpkins to explore their interstellar sound. Matt, Aaron, and Charlie bring their own unique experiences in the Seattle music scene to Camp Hero's dynamic sound, with perceptions and sensations to create an esoteric and captivating experience. Join the band on their journey through the universe and let Camp Hero's music take you on a sonic odyssey through the cosmos.


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