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Privacy Policy

The Skylark Café & Club is an indie concert venue located at 3803 Delridge Rd. Seattle, WA, hereafter "The Skylark".

The Skylark operates this website and several connected services, including SimpleTix, Mailchimp, Webflow, Doordash, Caviar, Square, Postmates and Google/ Google Analytics. Please refer to the websites for these services to review their privacy policies and practices. They're probably not very good so we encourage you to opt-out of whatever you can. To opt-out of official Skylark Café & Club communications, do not sign up. Once you are signed up, there are "unsubscribe" links in every communication sent out.

Data We Collect

We collect the data you provide, including:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Message Details
  • Headshots and Profile Images
  • Bios and other descriptions
  • Art Samples and Audio Demos
  • Payment Information
  • Information about your consent to use the data you provide

How we use the data we collect

We use information about you submitted by you to process your transactions at The Skylark. We use your contact information to contact you if you have signed up for our mailing list. If you are a local artist, we use the information you submit to create your local artist listing pages. We have never and will never disclose information you share with us with 3rd parties outside of the aforementioned. Our connected services process data in an encrypted state and should not retain read access to any data processed.


When you share data with us, you grant The Skylark license to use the data shared. If you do not own the information being shared, do not share it. Please do not share or submit copyrighted materials to The Skylark.

How we Retain the data we collect

We do not retain payment information. We retain the contact information you provide for at least 5 years. We retain the marketing information you provide (artist data) for at least 5 years. Data is destroyed routinely if it is not useful and may not be available for amendment. Data we retain is stored in an encrypted state at rest and in motion using industry standard encryption or better.

How you can access the data we collect

If you can verify that you are the submitter of the data, The Skylark's Privacy Officer will be able to disclose to you the data you previously submitted.

How you can amend the data we collect

If you have validated your identity with The Skylark's Privacy Officer, you may reply in the original email thread with the amendments or the instructions to archive/delete the data.

How you can contact the Privacy Officer

Use the provided form below. All other forms on the website will not work for this purpose.

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skylark west seattle outside seating pickup takeout curbside

The Skylark

Cafe & Club

12 Local Brews on Tap
wine and cocktails
House Smoked meats
and veggies w/ gluten free and veg options
Mon 4-10
Wed -Sat 4-2
New patio seating available!

Brunch is back!!
Covered Patio
Cool Air-Conditioned
Dining Room and
Renovated Event
Book the Skylark
Seattle's Best Sandwich
Order Now
located at ...

3803 delridge way sw, seattle, wa 98106

Overflow Parking is available by
turning right out of our parking lot onto Delridge
Turn right onto Andover
Turn right on to SW Charlestown St

Be aware this road is also the entrance to the steel mill. Do not attempt to enter the steel mill.

Drive all the way back until you see the back side of the Skylark and park according to the image below. Then come inside and grab a beer.