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Promoting with West Seattle Blog

Who is The West Seattle Blog?

In their own words they are ''West Seattle News 24/7" … Read more about them here:

Promoting with The West Seattle Blog is kind of easy, generate the items from your press kit and you'll send them to their news tip line.

  1. The Skylark Artist Profile Link
  2. The Skylark Event Page Link
  3. The Event Details (cut and paste from the event page) 
  4. Link to your website
  5. Link to your Bandcamp Pro account.
  6. Link to download your Demo Content (host it on or elsewhere)
  7. Any other pertinent details about the event

The West Seattle Blog content page has pretty clear instructions for submitting content. Follow them.

Check out their events calendar here:

Important Guidance from West Seattle Blog News Tip Instructions Circle 2021 - August

*If you are sending us information we might want to quote, or a photo to use, please let us know whether to credit you by your full name, first name, initials, or not at all. If you’re sending info about a lost/found pet, please include a photo if one is available.

*If you are sending an announcement or news release, PLEASE put it as plain text in your e-mail. If you want to attach a PDF, Word doc, or image too, that’s fine, but it’s no substitute for having the text in the body of your e-mail. This goes for EVERY kind of announcement or note. Photos and graphics of course have to be attachments, but text/information needs to just be in the body of your e-mail. Links appreciated if relevant, so we can point people to your website. Thanks!

The Importance of your Performer / Promoter Role

When dealing with the media, it is important to always tell the truth. They usually shy away from messages like "it's going to be rad" and tend to like messages like "It's this genre, inspired by this artist, and there are 10 tracks being performed as a preview for the upcoming album at such-and-such date and such-and-such time and place." You know - just the facts.

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The Skylark

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wine and cocktails
House Smoked meats
and veggies w/ gluten free and veg options
Mon 4-10
Wed -Fri 4-2
Sat 10am-2
Sun 10am-3
New patio seating available!

Brunch is back!!
Cool Air-Conditioned
Dining Room and
Renovated Event
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Seattle's Best Sandwich
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Covered Patio

Calling All Artists, Bands and Musicians

The Skylark is calling on all local artists to make a showing on our Artist's Hub page. Do you want to get your content in front of tens of thousands of local people who are interested in you? We'll funnel traffic to this page using search engine magic and we'll also open you up a BandCamp Pro account if you want.

Create your page Artist page today!
1.) click the button to access the web application - no download required. create a user in the application
2a.) create an artist profile in the application - this is the public profile for your artist. not your user account.
2b.) create any additional artist profiles in the application (you may create many)
3.) when approved, it will appear on the website
4.) when approved, your changes in the application will appear on the website - you are in control of the page

Create my page now!
located at ...

3803 delridge way sw, seattle, wa 98106

Overflow Parking is available by
turning right out of our parking lot onto Delridge
Turn right onto Andover
Turn right on to SW Charlestown St

Be aware this road is also the entrance to the steel mill. Do not attempt to enter the steel mill.

Drive all the way back until you see the back side of the Skylark and park according to the image below. Then come inside and grab a beer.